Example of Announcement

I’ve study about Announcement for English lesson. And i got task, to make an announcement. For me the spoken announcement was more easy than writen announcement. 

So, I’ll give you the example of Spoken announcement.

topic: Dancing Contest


Our school will have a Dancing Competition that will be held on 14th march 2012.
Registration will be held on 10th-12th at Osis room
Free Registration and full of prize!
For More Information contact our Osis chairperson

Other example,

Topic: Kpop Gathering

Anyeong Haseyo! 


For all of Kpopers in our school. We will held a Kpop Gathering. This event purpose to make  
all of the kpopers in our school could share an information about kpop each other. The excellent event for the Gathering is a Dance Competition and Parody of Korean Drama.
The Kpop Gathering will be held on 15 January 2012 at School yard.


For more information contact our Korean teacher or Osis chairperson 


So, It’s easy right?  










45 thoughts on “Example of Announcement

  1. Thank you for this announcement ^^. Now, i understand how to make announcement.
    This announcement is very nice, because i like KPOP and dance, haha.

  2. u r rlly grt for supporting sme helpful tips
    my name is Malik Aadi i appreciated on ur career that u have to threw our views in it without any hezitation u great
    (malikaadi991@gmail.com) u welcomed

    • Ya… you are welcome 🙂 well Malik, you must choose the simple word first so people could easly understand what you’ve said in English. Just opinion 😀

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