Peanut taste

I’m lollipop freaking. I like lollipop! But I prefer like a fruit lollipop than chocolate or peanut lolly. So, I have a story about peanut lollipop. When I went to Makassar, I buy a pack of lollipop, there is write ‘chocolate milk Lollipop’ I buy it because I didn’t get the fruit lollipop. I was planning to eat them when I arrive at bau-bau. Then, when I arrived at bau-bau, directly I ate one of them. When the lollipop began to enter to my mouth I was shock! I didn’t like the taste!! The lollipop isn’t chocolate taste but it’s peanut! How unlucky am I!! (⌣́_⌣̀) but however I didn’t like it I just eat them if my mood want to eat it. And if there is a Changmin, the member of Dong Bang Shin Gi I’ll give them all for him! Because changmin like the peanut lollipop.


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