Bemor, Unique Transportation from Sengkang









It has been 1 year I lived in Baubau and left Sengkang. I have a million memories in there. About family, bestfriend, enemy, etc.

Too much thing, that remind me about Sengkang. One of them is a transportation called BEMOR

I always laugh when my friends talk about that. Bemor is a transportation like pedicab but in one with motorcylce

Bemor is a public transportation in Sengkang. All of the people in there use bemor as their transportation. Going anywhere by bemor, far or near their destination is.

Like me, almost everyday I went to my school by Bemor and back to home by bemor too.

Bemor could bring 3 until 5 people in one. How crazy it was!? But, really! I’m serious.

Baubau has a bemor as a transportation also, but it was different. Sengkang’s bemor and Baubau’s bemor was different.

Me and Bemor. Everday, I back to home by bemor with my friend, Jasti and Umairah. Then, we make a group named TBS.

TBS (Teman Bemor Setia) mean Bemor’s friend forever. We make that group cause we always back to home by bemor together.

I miss them, Jasti and Umairah. We still a members of TBS, however we aren’t together again.

I miss to sit in the bemor also. Going anywhere by bemor. I miss to visit Sengkang. I hope I can go there soon! Holiday in Sengkang by Bemor. ^^


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