School, I’m Coming!!

I’ve spending my holiday for 2 weeks. And that’s mean I must back to school. Study again~ Yes! My holiday was over and I have to prepare myself for a new condition on 2nd grade in High school.

The time run so fast! I have been stay here over 1 year. Well, for a new condition I have to change my mind to become more respect of my lesson and also, I’ll change my thinking method.

So much problem come to me for a few days. I don’t have a method to solve it yet. Seriously, it was about my friend that slander me in front of her friends. For the first time, I was really shock to hear that.

But, nevermind. I think she just being jealous of me. (However I dunno the reason of it)

You know what? I feel nervous!! Welcome back to my school!? Meet my -new- juniors, meet my new teachers? Whew~ how does their reaction of me? :/

The condition will be change. I’m an student on 2nd grade of HS! A senior! (So unlucky!! -___-“) cause I’d love to be a junior)

My friend, named Dian told me about a true statement about being a student on 2nd grade hs. She said, that on the 2nd grade the lesson will be more difficult and the time feel so slow. And… She said the true. Cause I felt that condition on JHS.

Another statement said that we have to being more mature than before. Yes, that’s right cause on the 2nd grade we must get more understand of a lesson. Science!

Then, for myself… I’ll do the best for my future -of course- study hard and always practice my ability. I hope, I can be more serious to do my obligation as a student. I’ll do my best for a shining future!!

Wish me luck guys!! Keep praying for a succes future πŸ˜‰

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