Live Motivation

Everyweek, everyday and everytime I can write some motivation word on my desk and my diary.

There was some motivation that I’ve got:

Drs. H. La Ode Zulkifli
“Think use your heart and complete it with your logic.”

Mr. Zulkifli is a headmaster of High School 1 Baubau. He said it on the ceremony last week. He said the truth!

Thomas Alfa Edison
“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Mrs. Nurhayati (my economics teacher)
“Clever is just a word, not a fate to be succes.”

Mr. Amos Idi (my chemistry teacher)
“You just need to be genius not clever!”

A translate from Super Junior song, Way
“…You shouldn’t live a life with sadness and regrets.”

My Father
“You must not be giving up and search a resolution of your problem clearly!”

My Mother
“There was so much way to be genius,”

Yeon Yi Choi
“Study Hard!!”
(She said it to me before back to Korea)

My bestfriend, Siti Khadijah Aswar
“Sure that you can and don’t make your problem as your obstacle.”

Lee Donghae, Super Junior member
“Don’t be regret!!”

Then, I have my own motivation for myself and also for my friends

“I’m clever on my way!”

“My brain full of imagination. That’s way I’m genius!”

“I love difference! Cause difference is a color in my life”

“Not succes but better life.”

“There was a reason that we always remember the past memory.”

Actually, I have a million motivation word on my head. But, you know I can’t spread out them all. I’d love to search a motivation to refresh my brain and make me enjoy to study everyday.

Cause of motivation, I believe that someday, somehow… I can be a succes person. The Motivation that I got not just for myself, I always share it with my friend. I know, not just me need it, but my friends too.

God always hear us. I always praying to the God, cause I believe my request will be answered πŸ™‚

So that, besides study and practice. We must praying to the God. Cause not just study we can be genius, but praying also.


3 thoughts on “Live Motivation

  1. Baca kutipan dari pak kepsek, mengingatkanku pada masa SMA kemarin. Pingin upacara lagi, dan mendengar ucapan2 dari p’kepsek. Nyesel, knp gak didengarin baik2 ucapan p’kepsek kemarin2. 😦

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