Money Vs Science

Until I post this, maybe I still feel confuse of the question from my english teacher. He asked us

“what is your purpose to study in the school?”

Of course we answered, “to get science ser!!”

“For a science?” He asked us again with straight face. (Didn’t sure with our respon)

He said we was wrong. Then, he asked us again

“What is your purpose to go to school?”

“To study ser…”

A wrong answer again. We said some statement to answer his question. But, none right.

One of my statement to answered his question, “I’m going to school to get a science for my future. Then, I can share my science to all of the people.” but he said I was wrong. A big fault.

Based his question, I gotta search on the cyber world about the purpose of study and school. But nothing… Almost all of the people said for a science.

Bit shocked after he said, “we school for study, we study for science, science for a shining future, in the future we will get a good job, beside a good job, we will have much money. Then, we study for a money. We are going to school for a money kids!”

Actually, he was right. But I do not agree of his statement. I wanna be succes person but I won’t be succes cause of money. I want to be succes based my science and my ability. I’m going to school to get a science! Not money.

As same with me. On the break time, my friends asked me about the statement. She didn’t agree. She also said, “I think he was right but not too right. I’m not satisfied with his respon,”

Because of that, I’m being confuse. What is our purpose actually? It just a demand from our government or just a way to have a collage?

But, he also said, “We can get a science anywhere kids. Not just in the school. We can be succes however we aren’t study in the school. So then, don’t say that our purpose to study in the school is for a science.”

A right statement. But the excellent problem is the first statement from him. I think, a money just a word… Before we know the word of money we could still survive in this world. Money is nothing but science is everything.

I know in this time, we need a money to survive. But… Please don’t say that we study for a money. In fact, we spent so much money and time to study. Am I wrong?

Well, is it the fact! We study to spend so much money and time. Yes, we spent so much money for a science.

Then, does my teacher right?

I can’t answer it. But, we must know all of the people have a different suggestion. I still respect it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Money Vs Science

  1. Hehehe, siapa sih gurunya, dek?
    We study for us to survive in this world. Entah itu berupa science, money, etc. Yang pada intinya for surviving in this world. because we must compete to other people.

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