King 2 Hearts, Hopeless To Be One

I just watched a Korean Drama title “King 2 Hearts” the drama tell us about How make Korea be one by a love or sarang. By the chance, the drama show us the condition between North and South Korea. I think the writer want to tell us, “South and North have to be one and suppose to be family not enemy,”.

Firstly, I thought that the drama was sad ending but How Great I felt! It was happy ending. However, North and South didn’t be one clearly but their relation was so good. The drama must be a great drama for this year! The writer knew the people wishes. I hope, it’ll be one excellent sample a way to be one between the country. I know, ain’t Korean people. But, I think all of the people in the world prefer choose peace than a war.

After I watched the drama I always think about relation between them. How does their life in the middle of the condition? The war can be happen everytime.

Well, I was agree of one the statement from the drama, “If we begin the war our country and our people can’t be safe. We just kill our family and our country,” I was cry when I heard it. That’s right, if they begin the war…


No one can be safe. Their soldier, people, country… Over. (Remember there was a nuklir! The reaction is so dangerous!)

Yeah, just peacefully they need it.
Guys, watch the drama and you’ll feel how does their condition. And I hope that North and South would be one. They are family not an enemy each other.

🙂 Take a deep Bow (___ ___)!

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