My Drawing Ability For This Time

Well, I just remember my hobby when I was student in junior high school. Drawing.

I’d love drawing. I always spent my part time to drew on my special book (it like diary. JHS diary). I just like to drew chibi. Specificly, I drew chibi of Kpop Idol. (Chibi, it was like a cartoon). And sometime I drew my own chibi. It was so interest for my junior high school time.

And then, sit in the high school for 1 year make me forget to drawing, I’m being more busy to do my task and writing. I almost forget a method to draw chibi.

If I back to the past. On the elementry school. I was the one of the student who couldn’t draw, I always got C for my art score. But, it was change when I sat in JHS, In JHS I got B+ for drew lesson. And now, I don’t get draw lesson anymore.

I miss to drawing. Drawing some Chibi and upload it on my facebook account. Really interesting!

2 months ago, I’ve drew a chibi for a long time. It was… Look liked me. A tomboyish girl with a rose in her hands. I know it wasn’t great like my old chibi but nevermind. πŸ™‚

Actually, when I drew it I remember Lee Donghae -member of Super Junior- on 4jib (4th album. red). So then, I write a word in hangeul beside my chibi.

“Oppa Saranghaeyo” (the romaji) that’s mean I Love You Brother.

(Oppa mean Brother. It called by little sister. But, in Korean if we have a boyfriend or maybe someone who we love, we also called him Oppa).

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