Homework: Singing Korean Folk Song

Ping!! Ping!!

I’ve got my holiday guys! And I’m ready to visit Makassar soon. Idul Fitri in there with my Big Family!

But, my holiday isn’t normal for this year (hahaha) I got a difficult homework from my Songsaengnim. He gave us task to singing Korean Folk Song title “Gwasuwongil” haven’t you hear it? Seriously I didn’t know for the first time. I just know Arirang as a Korean Folk Song.

It was difficult, cause until today I don’t get the Mp3 of Gwasuwongil. Unlucky, I’m forget the melody! I know the lyric but the melody… It was difficult!

I have search it on Google and Youtube but I didn’t get it. People just know Arirang but they don’t know about Gwasuwongil. So poor, I think. I try to search the meaning of Gwasuwongil on my dictionary. But I just got Gwasuwon that mean fruit garden.

For those blogers, if you know that song. Please give me a link to hear that song. ^^

I’ll give you the Lyric of Gwasuwongil:

    Dong Gu Bak Gwasuwongil
    Akasia kotchi walchak peomnae
    Hayan kot ipari nun soge cheorom naline
    Hyang geut han kot naemsega silbaram tago sol~ sol~

    Duriseo mari eomnae
    Olgul maju bomyeo saeng keut
    Akasia kot hayake pin
    Mom yemnalel gwasuwongil

Hope you guys know it 🙂

(Plus special story:
Mr. Jeong as My Songsaengnim gave SHINee’s CD Compilation Song for me because my Hangeul’s hand writer was so good 🙂 really appreciate his reward kk~ I’ll study more!!)

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