Task, Task, Task… Exam

Never update and still lonely~

I was so stress for several days, too much task and exam (and I know my responsibility as Rsbi’s student ._.), I have to walk along way and can’t stop.

Seriously, I miss to take some picture, traveling or writing. But, I couldn’t do that. I just pass my math, pyshic and chemistry exam. Then, there is some task waiting me to do them. Isn’t bored?

As a student, I really hate to be ‘someone who always study for exam’. I just like study for what I love to do. Huff~ sigh is one of my habit in the school.

Truly, I hate the way of the teaching method in my school. I don’t like it, too formal I think. I like unformal method, such as, observation in the forest, visiting museum, etc.

I think my school have to bring us to do that. Really bored to go to school if our school just like a common school.

Study, study, study, task, task, task, and exam…

I really want to traveling to Wakatobi. I have been lived in Southeast Sulawesi about 1 years, but I never visit it. So poor~

About my photography, I have much picture in my laptop but I can’t upload it as well as I can. The connection arround my home was so bad… Really annoyed.

Then, I think enough. I just gonna sighing here. See you later in a good mood… ^^


2 thoughts on “Task, Task, Task… Exam

  1. Hahahahaha….. just like me chingu… 😀

    I really feel bored with my schedule right now..

    Go to school, study, exam, doing my homework, online, eat, and sleep… Wkwkwkwkwk it’s too bored. Isn’t it??

    Just like you chingu, i really like if school didn’t use formal method to teach us, it so boring, am I right? !! >,<

    But as a student we just can do what school already give us.. *sigh…

    Hahahahahaha.. it seems like i am doing "curhat".. Hahahahaha…. Am I?

    So, salam kenal..
    ckckckck, walau nyatanya kita udah kenal di SMP… Hehehehe, tapi nggak papa kan chingu?? Wkwkwkwk… 😀

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