Missing To Study Hangeul

Missing Jung and Wawan Songsaengnim. It have been 2 months that I haven’t study korean language after Eid Mubarak.

Mr. Jung went back to Korean for his Visa. His contract was over and he will be back as soon as possible. 2 months without korean lesson was so annoyed. I really like to writing hangeul and sharing my knowledge about korean with my songsaengnim. It was the most meaningful moments in the school.

Unforgottable moments for me is when I got a Shinee’s compilation CD from Mr. Jung for the reward of my hangeul handwriting and Hanbok day. Korean culture was so great!

And till today, I just can see my korean book, I don’t read it even I want to know the next materials. I don’t understand what the book said. The book full of hangeul~ bit dizzy.

Oh! One week ago I met Mr. Wawan in the airport. He said that he would go to Korea with his friends. I saw his friends, they are Korean people or hanguk saram. So lucky! I’m jealous with him.

My mother asked me to study Korean languange more and more. In fact, she supported me to join the korean literature in the university of Gajah Mada. I really appreciate it!

By the way, I don’t even think to join korean literature. I have a high respons for photography and writing. But, I can’t force the destiny right? I still waiting my destiny.

Ah, Korean… I love you so much! Mr. Jung and Mr. Wawan! Come back soon!!!

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