Imagine Travel To Pontianak

For a few days ago, I talked with my brother who lived in Pontianak, West Kalimantan by SMS. I really enjoyed the time.

We were not in the same age but because of he entered the acceleration class while JHS, we were in the same level. Interested conversation came out along our message.

I asked him to have a dinner together, and he answered, “Well, if that is ur wish… Uh oh, one more thing, about the ticket,… Buy it yourself.” he meant that I have to buy airplane ticket to Pontianak.

By the way, we used english while message. No Indonesian language, it was our habit! Beside, we were improve our english. (And I didn’t change his text message here. It real!)

Then I requested him to buy a ticket for me. He replied,

“Huft I wish I can but I don’t have money,.. Beside, can imagine u buy a ticket, go to airpot, wait 4 to 5 hours,… And change ur aircraft at Jakarta (transit), then u arrived at ptk airport, come to my house only for a quick dinner?”

And I said, “Hahaha what’s the matter? Yeah, I have a dinner in ur house then I’ll get a new traveling experience in Pontianak. Wuah~ it’ll be amazing!”

“But it’ll be really exhausting.” He replied me again.

“No problem, I like traveling.” I replied with big smile emotion.

Well, he never know that I like traveling very much. He just knew that I love East Asian culture and never like the journey thing. Yeah, we never meet for more one years, I really changed and he also.

Back to his imagination that I went to Pontianak for a quick dinner. It was really interested, and I gotta think to feel the air of Pontianak. I knew, the air same as air of Baubau… Hot! But, it never lost my adventure sense.

Pontianak city is in equator contour and I think Pontianak’s hinterland still fresh. I really wanted to visit it and meet Dayak’s people. It’ll be the most amazing traveling destination for me. And I hope, my brother can bring me to meet Dayak’s people kkk~ (if he can talk by Dayak’s language LOL).

Then I asked him to bring a specivic souvenir from Pontianak if we meet in the Makassar later. He said that he will bring a Tugu Khatulistiwa miniature for me. And the special gift is Tempe Bacem! His mother’s tempe bacem is the best! So delicious. The other food is Bingka Pontianak. Well, I hope he keep his promise! I’ll dun him.

Pontianak, see you soon! I’m gonna waiting an invitation from his father to visit them in Pontianak! -I hope so-


Akbar, please don’t be mad if you read this post. I really enjoyed our conversation. By the way, keep my greetings to your family, especially your mother and Farhan -my cute brother haghagahag~ I hope we can meet soon in Makassar or maybe in Pontianak. ^__^

Special Greeting from my family! Assalamu’alaikum~~


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