Next week is war for me. Not big war, just a little experience in high school. I’ll have exam~ Ganbatte!

But, I do not talk much ’bout that. I just want to sharing my friendship with Malaysia’s girl named Farishya. I called her Eonni, cause she more old, one year than me.

Suitable with the day. Malaysia vs Indonesia soccer match. I message her firstly and said that I miss her, for several month we never talked like previously. We have been had this relation for 2 years (maybe), from junior high school. And you know, our friendship began from social network called Facebook, that’s way I really respect facebook lol.

She replied me on facebook and said that she didn’t have credit and decide to replied on it. In the night, she replied me by message. I really surprised, I thought she buy credit cause of me.

We talked much about school. I asked her about her final examination and she said, still 2 papers and she would freedom from high school. She asked me back and I answered the truth.

She was really nice and honestly, I’ve thought that she was my sister not my friend or senior. In conclusion she was my sister, now and forever ^^

Han. It was my nickname, special name from my facebook’s friends, include her. I always remember the first time we talked, cause of Korean boy, valentine day and chocolate. I felt, it was very special~

Back to the conversation. She asked me again that I have to get college in Malaysia later, and I agreed, said Amin for more ten times. What do you think? It’ll be nice isn’t it? ^^

Also, cause of this relation. I didn’t cares about Indonesia and Malaysia bad relation. It just a little bad temper of human, Farish eonni and I used heart not temper.

Oh yeah, about the soccer match. I don’t care who will be the winner. Win and lose just words, the most important is Friendship.

Let’s sharing and build the nice relation between Malaysia and Indonesia. ^^ Friendship is never end!


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