Little History Of Taj Mahal

Anyone know Omegle? it’s a application of random chat. We could chat with everyone in the world. Open this and try it. It’s really interesting, we can improve our english too.

Last night, i chat with India man called Naman. It was really interesting. I asked him about Taj Mahal, and he explained me the history. He said, Taj Mahal made cause of Love. Shahjahan made is for his wife. He made it about 22 years ago by 22000 workers. It really amazing~ and i think it almost have the same history of Prambanan temple in Indonesia.

Then Naman asked me, “Do you know what Shahjahan did with those workers?” and i said no. He answered, “Shahjahan cutted down the hands of the workers. So they couldn’t make the same Mahal.” Bit shocked and i asked the reason. He said, it must be. So then, no one can make the same Mahal like that.

Well, i got so much new info of Taj Mahal from him. And it the main reason that i use Omegle app. I could study more about anything and of course improve my english.


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