A Moment to Remember: Photography

It has been a long…long… Time I didn’t use english here. Yep, just little bit busy. I didn’t want to waste my time to open dictionary, or just translate some unknown words on google  translate. In the other side, my english got worst after pass JHS. I felt scared to use english, ’cause I know, my tenses…ugh, shattered. In fact, I felt little bit bored with english lesson. Maybe, because of the teacher or the continued lesson from JHS. I really don’t have any great feeling like in the past for that, however, for me, language lesson is better than the others.
And… Throwback. I read the old post. I got shy and realize that I was change. I wasn’t Nabila who loves language anymore, I wasn’t Nabila who wanted to be an english teacher, and I wasn’t Nabila who always smile when english lesson begin. Yea, time run so fast. I broke my promise. Maybe, if Mr. Mara know what I choose rite now, he will laugh, but deep in his heart, there’s something broken.

Oke…, forget that thing. Not the topic. I got mellow.  

However, I’m change. I wanna prove that what I choose rite now, is the best way. Today, I’m gonna upload some picture that I got one month ago. Exactly, last year when the rain came all day long-almost-in Baubau. I hold my camera, took the best moment, besides peactice. Not just the rain moment. I will upload my pictures with two gentleman that famous in Indonesia as profesional photographers. Who is them? Check this out!!!!!


Well, I got the moment of waterfall from the rooftop. I took it last year, december. Rain moment.





Arbain Rambey for REAL!! He is my favorite photographer. I met him last year, when baubau’s government take schedule for keraton’s event. Then, in that day, Baubaugraphy had a meet and greet with him in the hotel. Ofc, i was there.


DARWIS TRIADI!!! As same with Arbain Rambey. Baubaugraphy’s members had a little conversation with him.

From the event, I was realize that… maybe, this is my way. I don’t know what will be happen tomorrow, next month or next year. I just follow what my heart wants. I’ll do ma best for writing and photography, that’s way… I choose FIKOM UGM to continue what I’ve fighting for.

Bonus pic!!!


Epic fail!!!! But my senior in baubaugraphy said, “just keep your shutter on.” Yep…

Almost macro!!

Ok. Enough, I’ll upload more when I had the chance 🙂


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