In the middle of UAS. Sunday morning, I opened this blog and read a lot of old memories. I got much posts in English. Again. I miss to practice my English, also conscious that the purpose I made this blog was for share anything about what I’ve seen to the world. So that, I need to use English. Just realize that I’m an English nerd. Really nerd. And… ya naw, I choose English literature as the second choice in SNMPTN.

It reminds me that English is one of my passion. The passion that I got from Junior High School, even from Elementary school. But, I forgot it and being serious on just two passions. Yes, it was wrong. Passion is everything guys. Do what you love and love what you do.

I just too busy and forget anything about my purpose life when I was Junior School. Maybe, it’s funny to talk about life purpose when you was JHS. But seriously, I have a lot of great life purpose in the past. Doesn’t mean that I haven’t great life purpose now. Just throwback and slap myself. Yeah, for the other reason I miss my bestfriend. We almost never have any communication for one month. Yesterday, I sent her a message about her choice in SNMPTN. Her second choice is English literature. 

We met because of English. We knew each other because of English. We knew English because of Mr. Mara. He must be proud of us. We used our knowledge in a good way.

Well, in this year I found myself totally change. I have a big attention about a little thing I’ve seen. About basketball, flowers, cat, even a memo. Yea… Grow up. I’m being sensitive and love criticize something. (I do criticize about Indonesian political habit and after that I found myself while said, “What the hell! I don’t even know about that!” LOL)

Ah… feel like I won’t grow up. There’s so much problems and really difficult to fix it. We need cold-brain and warm-heart to fix it that we can find in peaceful. Also, at this age… I realize a thing about Love. Not the real Love. Just ‘Like’. But, it doesn’t dominate myself, because my problem more important to fix than think about that. 

Ok. I still have 2 days for my UAS. It Means this post must be ended~~ Maybe, I will use English for the next-next-next post. Maybe (I do have draft post in Indonesian language). Or the other choice… I have to make other Blog titled “A Little Thing”. I don’t know… Just follow what my heart want, which means I need to be focus on my lesson first than make a new blog.

So guys… I’ll never back like myself on JHS. This is me. And sorry for the wrong tenses above. I hope someday, I can go to Kediri to join a course in English village. I’m an English nerd, ups… I mean Language nerd. I love to study language, not just English or Indonesia. That’s way I want to be a traveler. I want to study more about language in the world and about the world itself.

Please, cheer me up!!!


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