Review: TUNA by Sherina Munaf


I’ve finished my exam. UAS. And ready to study intensive again to prepare the national exam. So, I used my rest time to post the example of Review Text. I really excited to make an example of my English task in the class. Yeah, there were two last English task before exam. It was Autobiography and Review text. But today, I just want to make a review.

It is about Sherina Munaf’s music album titled TUNA. Sherina is one of famous singer in Indonesia since child. At this age, she still active to singing. I have been being her fans since watched her movie titled “Petualangan Sherina”. And now, I like to hear her voice, her songs.

Tuna published in 2013. It was her third album with the excellent song, Sebelum Selamanya. The album fill up with 8 songs. Here the track list:

1. Sebelum Selamanya
2. Demi Kamu dan Aku
3. Ada
4. Akan Ku Tunggu
5. Tak Usah Cemburu
6. Apakah Ku Jatuh Cinta
7. Impian “Kecil”
8. Sing Your Mind



Ala Luffy!

In this third album. Sherina brought her ability to sing a lot of Acoustic genre. There so much upright bass and Acoustic guitar played in this album, also Piano! (My favorite music genre is acoustic by the way~). Sherina work together with some musicians like Afgan and Vidi Aldiano in her songs. Like Demi Kamu dan Aku duet with Afgan and Apakah Aku Jatuh Cinta duet with Vidi Aldiano. But not just two of them. There’s so much talented musicians! Can’t mention it hehehe~~

All of the songs was composed by herself (except: Demi Kamu dan Aku and Apakah Aku Jatuh Cinta. They composed by Sherina and the two famous musicians I’ve mention above). For the last song, Sing Your Mind, the lyrics are in English. It’s difficult to choose what is the best song in this album. For me, all are best!

I recomended you guys to buy this album! Don’t miss it because you’ll never regret! I don’t know much about music, so for me, there’s nothing bad in this album. All perfect!

~~~This review still have much mistaken. do not know much about music 🙂 but I hope it helps~~~


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