Guess: The Truth from My Guess


Masjid Bawah Tanah Yogyakarta (Taman Sari)

There is none could guess what will happen in the future. Like me. I think, this is my future. The future that I always think about. But, I realized, this is not like what I thought before. The future if I choose to absent from collage… uhm… I mean not to take the chance to study in university. This is my future, the future that I’ve choosen.

Pare, Kediri regency, East Java.

Frist time when I started to think, “How about get an English course in English village and absent about one year from university?” I felt really interest. People around me know How nerd am I if it about language. They said, “Yeah, that’s good! But, the most important thing is to get collage. The course is number two.”

And I try to force myself to study for SBMPTN–after I knew that I wasn’t pass SNMPTN. The fate said, “No.” I wasn’t pass the test and it made me to be an unemployed because I have no idea about private university.

Then… after the long waited, I went to Kediri on 10 October 2014 with my mother. We arrived at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya and continue to Pare by a travel car (I don’t like the people around airport when they know me and my mom are newbie(s), we need to pay much more than usually). About 2 hours from Surabaya, finally we arrived in Pare.

Gelagah Street. Asset Camp. Celebes Camp.

Yes, the driver brought us to the Celebes Camp at 8 p.m. people in the camp really kind. They let us to sleep in the camp, although we haven’t decide where we will stay in Pare.

In the morning, the members of the camp have a little chit-chat with us. I don’t know why, but I think that Allah have decide to make me stay in the camp. I said to my mother, “Ok… I want to stay here.” and I forgot the ‘Kos-kosan’ for a while.

About 2 days–include the night–we stay here, mother asked me to join her to visit her friend in Yogyakarta. Of course, I agreed. The second day, we looked for train ticket, but nothing left in that day. I’m totally bored, I couldn’t enroll the course on that day too because the time just passed and I need to wait untill 25 October for the second enroll session in this month. So, My mother brought me to travel around Kediri with 3 members from the camp; Miss Nia, Miss Novi, and Miss Asna.

Before the travel, we had bought train ticket to Yogyakarta for tomorrow. So, the next day my mom and I went to Kediri railway station. We used Kahuripan’s train, the price of the ticket was so cheap, about Rp 50.000,-/org. About 2 p.m we went Yogyakarta and arrived at 7 p.m.

In Yogyakarta, I’ve spent so much amazing time with Bude’ and my friends; Dayat and Ika. I’ll never forget the time. Even, I met with a couple from Germany that wanted to send me a postcard from Germany and I will send back a postcard from Indonesia. Ah… I did promotion about Wakatobi. I said, “You guys need to visit Wakatobi!!”

Well… there’s so much thing to write, but I’m still memorize some vocab that I’ve remembered before (and I forgot it :p). I’ll write the Indonesian version moreeeee, but not now. It’s so embarrassed… my english so bad after the long hiatus.

Em… there were my stories that just happen to me. Things that I never thought before. So, I’m not wrong that people cannot guess the future.


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