“Expectrum Leviosa!!” I spelt a Mantra like Harry Potter and a wood chopstick on my right hand pointed Miss Siska. Even the Mantra was wrong.

“Oh my god! She is going crazy!!!” Miss Any yelled while laugh. And I kept my gesture, I spelt the Mantra twice.

I don’t know, but when I spell “Leviosa” directly I feel free, like I can find my soul, like I can be one of the character in Harry Potter.

Lately, my days full of Harry Potter and British accent. With my friend, Miss Hikma, we watched Harry Potter 1 and 3 together yesterday. The purpose to watched Harry Potter is we want to study about Pronounciation and British accent. Actually, there was no British or America because we never know from where the person we will meet, so just like easly. Study both of the accent. Beside, Harry Potter’s accent is really unique. All the way of movie, we always repeat the accent.

Such as;

Welcome to Daigon Alley” –Hugrid

I’m Hermione, who are you?” –Hermione

I so wondered to see you Harry Potter” —Magic Stick’s seller

It’s so interested because we can practice the accent directly. Not same like in the home that we can’t practice easly. In here, in camp, English is a obligation. No English no Service. No English, welcome Getcha.

About my imagination… after watched Harry Potter, my imagination got something new. I want to be one of the character in there as someone from Hufflepuff like Cedric (But my favorite character from Revinclaw; Luna Lovegood). Actually, Hufflepuff was not really famous. But, from my real chara I’m a kind of Hufflepuff. Because of that, I was looked for quiz in the internet. The answered are Hufflepuff and Revinclaw. And I prefer Hufflepuff to Revinclaw because I felt not really smart like Cho Chang or Luna.

I knew that Hufflepuff not famous like the other dorminity in Hogwarts. It made me curious to make a story about someone from Hufflepuff. Yes, I think it’ll be like fanfiction after Harry’s chronicle. But… not now. I don’t have much time to write story with unique character. For next period I will struggle to defeat my lazy bones of write. Hopefully, I can write As soon as possible on the next period. I just take one program for next period in Elfast for Fundamental class, 2 times; 08.00-10.00, 10.15-11.30. After that, free.

I have plan to register in Indonesian class. The class is about philosophy, reading, and writing. It will be good for me, right? Then, I want to study Pronounciation by myself. I can write a lot in my free time. Yattahhh!!!! >.<

Also, I have asked my parent to send me some English Novel. I have reason to study English more by book. They agreed. Alhamdulillah, it makes me never stop to grateful. I have good parent who always support me to do something that I like. I'll improve my English better… and I can be the best one!



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