Clever and civilized men will not stay home
Leave your homeland and explore foreign fields
Go out! You shall find replacements for those you have left
Give your all, the sweetness of life will be tasted after the struggle

I have seen that standing water stagnates
If it flows, it is pure, if it does not, it will become murky
If the lion doesn’t leave his den, he will not eat
If the arrow does not leave the bow, it will not strike

If the sun stands still in its orbit
Man will tire of it

Gold dust is merely soil before excavated
Aloewood is just ordinary wood if in the forest

Travel by Imam Syafii

I always talk about travel to all of my family, particulary my siblings, after got knowledges about travel from The Land of Five Towers by A. Fuadi. I got to know my passion and my life purpose from the book. I was consider that as a human, I have to explore the world. Looking for new experience and learn everything about life. I read the book two years ago, when I was still 2nd grade of Senior High School. The book was not mine, I borrowed it.

Right now, after my mom sent me 3 books which translated to English–on of them is The Land of Five Towers, I read it again. The language is very different and little bit difficult to understand because there is a lot of uncommon word. Hence, the feeling still the same as 2 years ago. Reading a book is one of my activity now. After finished my class in Fundamental or Pre-grammar, I try to read the book and write the uncommon word on my note.

Back to travel. I started to dream, to get collage in Java, after read the book. I believe the poem of Imam Syafii. I believe that I can be ‘Someone’ here–in Java. Sadly, my siblings didn’t have the same opinion with me. Especially from my two younger brothers.

Both of them are the kind of spoiled boy. They have a wall that difficult to destroy. They don’t believe on dreams and just have a common idea. I often asked them to join me later in Java, but they won’t. They said, stay in the homeland is the best and they will keep safely. Yes, however I haven’t made my dream come true–to get collage. I will try to get test of SBMPTN again next year, in Yogyakarta Insya Allah.

If Alif enjoyed his time in Gontor, I enjoy my time in Pare. Maybe we have the same fate, like have to wait for a year for collage. Alif got knowledge from Gontor about everything and I improve my English skill, also study for everything from what I concern at once. Thus, this is not a thing that people must specimen. This is called Fate and there is Hikmah for person like me.

Until now, I always try to ask my young brothers to join me to travel and make them brave to have a dream. I don’t want their mind statistic. They must see How the world is. They need more knowledge to study about the place they lived.

I remember one quote. If you never travel it’s like you just read a page of book.

Which means, you never know about the book. You never know about world.


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