Yogyakarta… Again!?


I want to stay in Malang, not Yogya.” I said loudly to the phone. I heard my mom sigh over there.

“Why don’t you want to stay in Yogya?” She asked me softly. My heart was treambled so fast. Suddenly my tongue bound by itself. I didn’t know the reason, no, actually I knew. But…

“Think about it again, Na. You have to be wise, you still have much time to make a decision.”

It was the last advice from her that I heard in that night.


The memory played on my mind when I stayed up in the bus, saw the view in the darkness. It was 10 pm and all of my friends have slept on their chair. Beside me, Miss Dyah has slept too. Both of us, include the driver sat in fron. Just me and the driver who stayed up. We didn’t make a conversation. He had to be focus and I didn’t have any topic to talked with him.

A few minutes ago, I saw a banner of shop that wrote Ngawi in the adress. Yes, I was in Ngawi, one of regency in Central Java, near Madiun. The place was not really quite, there was a lot of public transportation like bus or truck. I haven’t thought before that I could pass the regency. I just knew the name of some regency in Java in television when I was in Sulawesi, from news channel. I thought the regency just like a little village, but it was different. Like a big city.

I have passed Kediri, Nganjuk, and Madiun. I had same feel of them. It also reminded me about family. My family was journey loveable. We have been traveling around Sulawesi and half of Borneo a few years ago. My father as the driver, my mother beside him, and all of their children in the middle. Share the chair together, joke, and talked about school.

That night, I imagined me and my family travel around Java. Yes, I missed them.

In other side, I also remembered my decision a few days ago. I have told my mother about my decision to stay in Yogyakarta after finished my study in Pare. I asked her to bless me to looking for a boarding house in Yogyakarta. And she said Yes. So, I buried my plan to go to Malang.

And… I didn’t feel any spirit to comeback to Yogyakarta again. I just enjoyed my time in the bus, felt the togetherness atmosphere. The spirit has gone, I didn’t know where was it. I asked to myself, “Why?” And I found the answer directly. I just… hated the construction of the living place in that city. It was not spread well and not good looking. I missed Baubau, the place was more tidy and clean.

But, if I just evalute the city from that, it meant I wasn’t wise. I have to struggle, to stay in Yogyakarta for collage. New knowledge. For my dreams.

Yogyakarta again.

My mind mentioned the phrase again. I saw the bus still slitted the way of Ngawi. Ngawi regency is very vast. My brain got tired and my eyes closed. Uh… I thought, even my brain got tired of my worries.


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