It’s Not Right For Yaaa!!

“If we don’t do something now then
We’ll never know
If we stay here too long then we’ll, we’ll never grown old
So before it’s too late and it’s killing you yeah
We’ve only one life to live
So love what to do”

It’s Not Right For You – The Script

Lately I more interest to spend my time for listening some music. I added some songs on my “Breakeven” playlist which I created two years ago after download recomended music from Novel, Restart. Almost all of the songs are English songs–the sense of my music changed from Kpop to anything I would love to listen. OneRepublic and The Script fullest the timeline. Yeah, maybe it is too late to like their music. But I just start it.

Yesterday I download all of The Script songs from their album No Sound Without Silence (2014) and directly searching the lyric. I know my voice is not good enough to screaming or yelled… or whatever they said singing. But I can pay my fussiness with singing. I do not need to talk to others and be ashame of my fussiness because of that.

But it is not about that. It is about the meaning of The Script’s song by the title is It’s Not Right For You. It is not just about me, but about every one who ever felt the same thing.

Like your head is fullest of the plan that everything you want to do or your heart is heavy to do something you do not like. For every one who left their dreams for another things which they thought can make them more success–or get a bunch of money. Well, we are stuck of that things, right? Especially Indonesian.

I have seen, most of my friends, never truly believe on their dreams. They just wanted to do something safety. The safe way to get a lot of money. Oh well, and I am trying the another way. When I was in Senior High School–oh it was my past :p–I talked big, like “Of course I can reach my dreams!” Or “Everything is not impossible for me!”

For me it was not talking big. It just a motivate, the spirit of my way. Even now I cannot prove the words–yeah, I am on the way.

Well, see. Even I have not proven my words, my friends keep ask me that I am inspiring them. They said, I have been brave to choose the way. To be insane. Ok. It was not easy to choose this way. A lot of things happen in my life. And I keep asking myself, “Are ya serious? You can do it or just left the way?”

But I keep on my way even the question never stop to appear in my mind.

I always remind my friends, till now, to always believe on what they want to do even it is impossible. Like The Script’s lyric above. Love What you do. Do what you really want to do before it is too late. I do not want to regret, however we actually never live in this world. We have to be insane, to be brave.

Oke. I am not that insane and brave. I have not been like that. I am creating the character now.


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