Complicated Heart

Karena cinta adalah hal semu
Tanya akannya tak diindahkan benakku
Meski aku tak pernah menolakmu
Atau melukaimu dengan pedang kalimatku

Tapi aku tak ingin kamu atau cintamu

Maka jangan jual cintamu padaku
Meski aku selalu mengunjungi bagianmu
Karena bukan berarti cintamu menarik untukku

Kungkungan ini tidak mampu ditembus cintamu
Bukan berarti kungkungan terlalu menahanku
Dia hanya benda mati yang tidak bisa merayu sepertimu
Tapi kekuatannya menembus akal sehatku

Kamu boleh berkata gila karena kungkunganku melebihi indahnya cintamu
Tapi kamu tidak tahu batas cintamu padaku
Dan kungkunganku tahu batas pekerjaannya, tidak sepertimu
Maka aku hanya memilih yang pasti, kungkunganku

Note: Be aware with me. Keep your gap and I’m watching ’till you are tired. Doesn’t mean that I’m cruel or whatever do you want to called but I choose the best choice for myself. Oh ya… I’m selfish. But I did it for the best of us because no one knows Who I am and Who you are. (I feel it is not the great time to have a relationship because I have another thing to do and my heart hasn’t ready to know it well). Sorry… doesn’t mean but all of things which happen to me lately messed my day up. I want to be focus, so just leave me for a while until I’m ready for the big thing you called relationship.

Sink in the river of dream better than sink in the river of love. It is one of my favorite sentence, You know what I mean, right?

For: Every ‘men’ who are being interested of me.

Hellow… I’m just a little weird boyish girl. You should look for the another beautiful smart girl. And I’m crazy beacuse I just gonna think about Dreams *0* selfish type.

Hell yeah I’m not Baper Bowooooo!!! *ups I mention your name my morosely brother lols.


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