Lollipop is

Hi! My cyber name is Xinnu. This blog is dedicated to my life story. Sharing, just like an electronic diary but not like the ordinary diary. I lived in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia for more one years. I’m Languange nerd, traveler wanna be and photographer wanna be. I’m writer. I have so much story in my notebook and decide to share it on My Fanfiction Blog

Not too update, stay busy with school task. Like traveling. I’d love to see unique thing in this world. Love photography, I’ll upload some picture that I took in every moment. Such as my traveling moments and anything interest.

Love writing, posting my fiction story. Just for amuse the readers. Practice the creativity of my brain to writing, because I’m writer. Being crazy of East-Asian culture, (Korea, Japanese and Chinese). Love Kpop, Jpop and Chinese pop. Studying their language every week.

The last, I also practice my english. Conversation, grammar, tenses and many more.

Pardon me. My grammar isn’t well and thanks for visited my Blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s sharing!! *Deep Bow*


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